Sunday, 7 October 2007

Slitheen Data File

The Slitheen are a family of the Raxicoricofallapitiorian Race, they are Calcium Based Lifeforms and are often trying to invade earth and other planets to make money. Slitheen Often disquise under a human skin suit but this makes ecsess gasses and are born from eggs. They are good a landing and then turning that into fake crash that happens a year later and putting robopigs in the ship to fake aliens. There names are like blon fel-fotch passa-meer day slitheen and are seperated from the Rathreen and Kroteen Familys. and raxicoricofallapitorious has a twin planet, Clom. Clom and Raxicoricofallapitorious are like The Sontaran Empire and The Rutan Host / Sontar and Ruta 3. Their Main Weaknesses are Vinegar, Chips and Deodrants. Its a Coincidence that Park Vale (ROTS) which they invade was built on remains on deffry vale (School renunion) which is higly assiosiated with chips.

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gaz_dwsja said...

You stole the Kroteen of me! grr