Monday, 15 October 2007

Series Six scripts seasonal special extract

here is the series six (by me and hitbob) extract:

She slams the blue button, the Tardis activates and the Trooper who is inside the Tardis gets pulled out, Martha holds onto the console, and slams a Switch, a emergency door slides down. Then the Doctor appears as a Hologram, like from POTW and Blink.

DOCTOR: This is Emergency Protocol 113.8 Secta. This is activated whenever I get teleported from the Tardis by an Mistrom dete ray teleportor. I have 5 days to live. Please Buy me a I miss you card from Gallifrey and a Happy 1027th Birthday Card with an Emergency Teleport beta on it. Send it to, Well Don’t Bother, just …

The image fades and Martha runs to the Doors

MARTHA: Take me back! Take me back!

and here is what simon will work up to:

DOCTOR: where now Martha?

MARTHA: I dunno...

an explosion of purple light floods the room, Martha collapses and the Tardis I sBurnt up in Flame.

only 4 days 2 go.

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