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about the comeback.

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Tuesday, 10 June 2008


im doing a revival, me assisants are fired, and the rubbish posts i did gone two, a celebration is comic tomorow, including a little tribute to Cloak, who founded the site, spooks dead btw, forget him tho, and some pictures leaked today,

Sunday, 4 November 2007


Well we all know this. but heres a few pics. He looks like my sister.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Medusas Quick Summary (also Mr. Kulaks and the Tricksters (part 1))

Nice, the mirror was predicable, but i fought that Alan j. would revive when the Gorgon was stonified. 6/10

Very Good, they make Lance look like a complete video game nerd who is quite Dupid but Halo was still good. The Ending was quite Funny aswell, and the battle scenes were cool, wish i had a combat 3000

Tricksters (1)


Good, Scary, Funny.

GOOD: We learn about Sarahs misceavious past but still I found it

SCARY: The way that we found out that Sarah accidently caused Andreas death, it isnt the fact that happened that scared me, it was when we see it happening.

FUNNY: 1. The Start, when we see Alan in the photos being wierd, and Andrea stood there.

2. The end were we see SJ and A, meet MJ in the past.


Bionic Battle Being-Seen By Barmy-Aztecs


Bionic Attack on the Aztecs

The Tardis spins through space, a blue Vortex, the Tardis then Spins and Vanishes


MARTHA: Aztecs, Mexico

DOCTOR: Yes and There’s going to be an Alien Invasion, the Slavones, and they will be Helped by Slabs. And it’s because of me.

MARTHA: why because of you?

DOCTOR: I was on a Slavone ship, they tried to kill me since they captured me on mars, It was my third incarnation, and since my third had a thing for martial arts I fought back, and the controls were knocked out of Orbit

MARTHA: Slabs? Those People work for Plasmavores!

DOCTOR: also they work for Mr. Kudlak, Who’s trying to train Warriors somewhere, don’t know where though.

MARTHA: How will you stop the Slabs?

DOCTOR: if I Destroy the ship, the power source will die and the Slabs will dissolve

The Tardis shakes and the Doctor and Martha Fall over, and Run out


Scene 2, night 1

They run out, and the Doctor Points up, they see a brown light zooming across the clouds, they follow, the doctor Pulls out the Physic paper, and zaps it with the sonic, then aimed and zapped at the light, then they run across a field

Scene 3, night 1

They climb up a hill and look down, a Massive temple stands there, dead bodies down the side, and then a stray javelin flies almost at them, the Doctor Sonics it and Martha screams.

AZTEC 1: Look, Possibly Spanish by the looks of them! Kill ‘em!

AZTEC 2: Kill Them!

Doctor Sonics them, the light shocks them and they all stare at it, while the Doctor walks round them, and slowly moves backwards away from the Temple, slowly,


The sonic go’s out, they run


DOCTOR: I was warning you!

MARTHA: follow the Ship!

DOCTOR: wait this’ll slow ‘em!

He pulls a glowing orb out his pockets and chucks it at them, but then it blows up, unexpectedly

DOCTOR: that’s not meant to happen!

We zoom onto the ship, it go’s in the direction of the Doctor and Martha, and lands on the Temple, And then a hooded figure comes out off the top hatch, a Priest about to do sacrifice, and points at the Doctor, a Laser zaps out and blows the Village up, the Doctor and Martha get down as the fire erupts, we see the hooded figure walk into the fire, the black robes are un-burnt, and he looks like nothing is happening, the Spaceship then glows and a Human\Robot walks out, followed by some more hooded figures, all in black robes.

HOODED FIGURE 1: We need revenge on the Doctor. we need revenge on the doctor.

CYBORG: He is this Human. Attack him!

DOCTOR: that was quick, Martha, I would run, the hooded people are Slabs, just disguising into earth. They teleported out. Run!

The Hooded people pull down the hoods, but the first one stays still, Slabs, but a Brown/Orange colour, and they pull of the cloaks and in their pockets are tiny pistols, they aim at the Doctor, who runs as millions of lasers follow him. The still hooded figure then slowly walks after him.

Scene 4 night 1,

Lasers are zapping after the doctor, who is dodging them, and he circles out of the range and tricks them, he now is on the temple side, he climbs up and the First hooded figure jumps at him.

HOODED FIGURE: Doc-Tor! We were sent here as revenge!

DOCTOR: yes of me blowing up your space ship.

FIGURE: no! Commander Fligok ordered me! On the giant black hole moons he has a base, and he has ordered me to kill you!

DOCTOR: You can do that later!

He then pulls down a brick and covers the door at the top of the temple, he jumps through a hole in the roof.

Scene 5 day 2

He lands in the space ship, he zaps the controls, they blow up and he grabs Martha from the platform underneath were the figure is climbing in.

DOCTOR: bit quick to find someone who wants us dead isn’t it!

MARTHA: what was that device you through

DOCTOR: a Holocron, I stole it off them and they are designed to get it back. So when they enter that fire. They die. The Cyborg well… Don’t know about that. But First we need to get out!

He zaps the ceiling, a hatch falls down and he Leaps out and pulls out Martha, he Charges off just as the ship blows up, he is thrown across the temple, and lands just outside it, then he sees Martha, lying on the platforms that were like steps.


We look up at the temple, and see the Robed figure Burning up, the flow off his movement is turning more robotic, and he runs at the Doctor, and burns up. The Cyborg/Slavone creature is still there his humanoid form, but many hands, 4 off them robotic, and one off his legs is also robotic, and his skulls is just robot. He Pulls out a Gun, and his hands aim it perfectly

Scene 6, day 2

Cyborg Po/v a red colour and a circle in the centre, he aligns the circle to the Doctors head, he laughs, and fires a Blue laser fires at the Doctor.

Scene 7, day 2

We see this from side po/v and we see a blue laser zoom across the screen
Scene 8, day 2

Same shot apart from the audience see this from behind the Doctor. We zoom to the Doctors scared and worried face and then it glows blue and fades out,

Scene 9 day 2

From the side we see the laser striking the Doctor’s face, he screams, glows blue and collapses. The Cyborg Grins behind his skull like mask.

CYBORG (into Communications Device): Commander. We are ready to imprison him!

He turns away then we zoom onto the Doctor, a massive scar down his neck, he jerks up and sends a sonic wave into the Cyborg, who begins to Burn up.

CYBORG (weakened and dieing): Mission Failed.

He Blows into pieces, and the Doctor grabs the skull mask and the Cyborgs original head, then he looks shocked. It is a fully Human face. The Doctor then grabs the Comms device and Talks into it.

DOCTOR: Commander, I’m Sorry but I Just slaughtered your Cyborg!

He sonics it, and it blows up, The Doctor runs to Martha, still holding the mask and head.

DOCTOR: Martha?

He Sonics her, and she slowly revives.

MARTHA: Doctor? I slipped on the top step,

DOCTOR: I’ve had worse, just got zoinked on the neck. Do you know about Commander Fligok?

MARTHA: Might have somewhere.

DOCTOR: he’ll want revenge. C’mon.

They walk back to the Tardis, and the Doctor Burns down the remains off the Tribe site. They Climb into the Tardis and Fade out, just as the fire spreads onto them.

Credits, trailer shows elephants wearing armour with trumpets.

Yes im serious about the trumpets. and the elephants. but who is fligok?

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

DAVISON IS BACK! yes I know its old news, just bit late.

well its confirmed, hes back, and they are both me faves! also im gettin some one else to post episode 2 on sat since ill be on hols. soz bout the post being short. just also the episode will be time crash cya.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

The Attack of Sindious

The Wait is over and its time for...


Attack of Sindious

We see the Doctor Talking to Martha over the phone, and materialising the Tardis
Martha walks in and the doctor presses a button, then Bang!

Scene one, Day 1,

The Tardis is flying, outside a black hole, Surrounded by spaceships, firing rapid laser bolts, ships blowing everywhere, the Tardis being hit repeatedly the lights on the door panels and at the top burning out, pan the Tardis and zoom into a panel, then show the Tardis console on fire Martha unconscious, the Doctor is firing the sonic at the console at full power, blue rays fire out at the console they burn into ice then collapse on the console,

Scene 2, day 1


Dupid things! Possibly the Dlahki Empire,

Purple light flashes through the console, The Doctor slips into one of the open console pits, and then the room is filled with fire, no chance of escape

Opening logos

Scene 2, day 1, Mother Ship,

A shadowed figure pulls a switch, and presses a few buttons


Connect up and send ground troops to capture the Main suspect!

A soldier puts on a helmet, grabs a gun, and fires in the air,

SOLDIER: Attack! Execute all Suspects!

Scene 3, Day 1, Tardis

DOCTOR: arw… what happened?? Where am I….

He sees the flames, and then he springs into life


MARTHA: huh? What was that Doctor? That bang? and purple lights?

DOCTOR: Dlahki,

Sudden green glow then the flames disappear; the bangs of the battle fade out. The Doors unhinge. Doctor aims screwdriver at the door

DOCTOR: Martha! Co-ordinates 5.38-7 Alpha, then a big blue button,

A orange light shines and a laser bangs into the Doctor, who fades out.

TROOPER: Suspect Found. Withdraw. Resume Decimating the Wakongs


She slams the blue button, the Tardis activates and the Trooper who is inside the Tardis gets pulled out he burns up and screams, it sounds like an elephant and he collapses into the Vortex, Martha holds onto the console, and slams a Switch, a emergency door slides down. Then the Doctor appears as a Hologram, like from POTW and Blink.

DOCTOR: This is Emergency Protocol 113.8 Secta. This is activated whenever I get teleported from the Tardis by an Mistrom dete ray teleportor. I have 5 days to live. Please Buy me a I miss you card from Gallifrey and a Happy 1027th Birthday Card with an Emergency Teleport beta on it. Send it to, Well Don’t Bother, just …

The image fades and Martha runs to the Doors

MARTHA: Take me back! Take me back!

Door slides upwards and Martha Looks out, she’s in the Vortex.

MARTHA: there will be a teleport somewhere in here,

Runs to the other doors,

Scene 4, night 1, Tardis corridors

Martha is checking every door, then she opens one, and a light shines at her, she’s being pulled into it,

Scene 5 day 2, Gallifrey Mountains

then she finds her self asleep (close up on face) we zoom out and find our self, the Citadel of the Time lords (like from TSOD) And a Time lord is stood there,

MARTHA: hey Can I buy a 1027th Birthday card with an emergency teleport beta. And an I Miss you card?

TIMELORD: Follow me!

Scene 6, Day 2, Cliff


MARTHA: and…

GRETA…: You shall join us…

TIMELORD 2: Stand on his seal, there!

TIMELORD 3: You are our Prototype Time lord

GRETA…: and look at this…

He pulls a cover off a stone tablet, and then, like the Gorgons, a blue vortex comes out of the seal, and the stone is revealed, The Un-tempered schism stands there, and the vortex is sucked into Martha, who stares, at it, and smiles

TIMELORD 1: Look right into the centre, watch the colours, and be consumed…


Subtitle: 5 days later, night before Doctors execution

DOCTOR: how will I survive this?

Looks around, and sees hole on the ceiling and grins

DOCTOR: never seen that before

He whips his hand into his pocket, and remembers a guard searching him for weapons, and the guard is stood outside his cell.

DOCTOR: I’m sorry, so sorry

He whacks the guard picks up the sonic and whizzes it at the ceiling, the hatch falls of its hinges, and dents the floor, he climbs out.

DOCTOR: Ozark Rebels, this is there mother ship, it’s year 12029.8 five years after the time war, so that means

Soldiers, Sontaran like warriors with two spikes on the helmet, small ones and one on both sides, and Judoon/Sontaran like armour, climb out the hole, they fire lasers rapidly at the doctor, who leaps out the way and runs across the ship, dodging

DOCTOR: Sindious!

He is chased along the giant ship, and sees a spare battle capsule at the side, and he leaps, smashes through the front glass and flies up, and opens fire on the Soldiers, knocking them down, and millions of turrets on the sides fire at him

V/o PILOT: Enemy Detected, escaped from prison pod 38 delta, aim at Space Capsule 11.3

TURRET: Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! (Repeat)

The purple rays shine at the doctor, who quickly outruns the ray, ducks and flies to the engines,


A light on the controls flashes up

PILOT 2: what is your identification, scan it in the scan drive

Doctor swipes the physic paper at the screen,

DOCTOR: I am erm, Slovak, from third squadron, doing a check for enemies, captain.

PILOT: Yes, but why are you contacting our base,

DOCTOR: tell them that I have shot down the escaped prisoner.

PILOT: Yes, Over.

The Doctors ship zooms away from the mother ship, the engines glow and fade repeatedly. Then on the communication device, he notices a message saying

Doctor, your Human slave has been converted to a prototype time lord, and has been consumed by the un-tempered schism

The doctor searches his pocket and finds Jacks vortex manipulator, and Sonics it into the controls, then he activates, to the time and place of the message
Scene 9, Night 2 Cliffs

He lands behind the Time Lords, and climbs out,



The Doctor Sonics the Time Lords and gets Martha into his ship. He then flies off with it, and then we watch him fly through giant astro-fields and then we watch explosions appear on the ship, it vanishes.

Scene 10, Time Vortex Ship ext.

DOCTOR: rough landing

Plunger like device opens up TARDIS Doors, and the Doctor Puts on a giant gas mask, and one on Martha, he climbs with Martha into the Tardis, and it’s still badly damaged, the Doctor sonics the plunger, it snaps and falls into time and space.

MARTHA: how did you save me, I was dragged into that un-tempered schism and almost turned time lord,

DOCTOR: I Made a Paradox…

Sonics Martha, and a green glow surrounds her,

DOCTOR: we need to find out why the Ozark Rebels want to kill us

A sudden white glow fills the room, the Doctor falls backwards, and Martha screams and grabs the console, while the doctor holds onto the chair and it’s like from SAJ, the Judoon teleports.

MARTHA: seen this before!!

Scene 11, day 10, Ozark Control room,
The white flash stops, and the Doctor and Martha are outside the TARDIS, but the phone box is behind a giant green bubble, guards run up to the them, and then a psychograft (from ‘New Earth’) activates. Then they look at an off-screen enemy, the shadowed figure from scene 2 .

FIGURE: Doctor, We have some promised revenge to give to you!
DOCTOR: Who are you?
FIGURE: I would like some revenge after what happened five years ago!
DOCTOR: What me destroying that idiot Davros!
FIGURE: Think Doctor, He Unfortunately died, in the burning escape pod, shot down by explosion!
DOCTOR: Sindious…
FIGURE: Kill him!
DOCTOR: You can’t kill me Sindious! It’s a promise to your attacks! If you are killing me for destroying a race, you should also get the sentence! I am the last of my kind! My punishment was being the last!

We see Sindious/the figure, he is like the other soldiers but his helmet has larger spikes, as we watch him, he presses a button, then a turret falls from the ceiling and swivels round to face the Doctor, po/v shot of it aiming at the doctors head, and the a cu of the turret. The Soldiers pull off their helmets and clip them onto their belts, their heads are like red Sontaran’s with spikes, and they sit down on some chairs that folded out f the walls, three at the front guard the Tardis while one guards the psychograft and the other guards the turret

SINDIOUS: Well Doctor, you’ve caught me, well done, it doesn’t matter! To make the pain worse, we shall torture your friend first,

Droid Po/v, it swivels towards Martha, and the border glows red, for torture,




A orange flash then her body starts glowing red, then she starts screaming she then collapses and the glow stops

SINDIOUS: send a death ray to secure her,

He Sonics the psychograft projector and dives at Martha, the Fact he Blocked it made them share the damage and then he charged at Sindious and punches the guard on the turret, and the one on the guard of the psychograft

DOCTOR: No Second Chances,

Sindious pulls out his gun, a red blaze fires out but hits the controls which burst into flame, the doctor Sonics the turret, and grabs the guards gun

DOCTOR: this is my defense!

SINDIOUS: that can’t stop my gun!

Sindious fires another red blaze and the doctor Sonics the blast, and the blast fades out, The Doctor Blasts the Turret, and then the explosion opens the top of the ships hull, Sindious blasts the doctor, who dodges and leaps at Sindious feet, Sindious pulls off the helmet, and his head is like a red Sontaran, with two horns and his eyes have blazing red pupils. We zoom to the doctors attack, and we see Sindious’s shoes have spikes on them, he kicks the Doctor, and Sindious fires, the doctor slides out of the way and smacks a Guard, and blasts at Sindious, and the blast gets the neck armor where the helmets clamp onto the armor, Sindious weakens, and falls backwards, then he fires a blue shot at the doctor, and it misses quite abitand the Controls go up in flames, then the Doctor quickly blasts Sindious’s nose, Sindious clutches his neck were he was hit. (in unison with sindious’s speech) The Doctor Blasts the guards and controls and aims at Sindious then…

Sindious: (weakened gasp) Doc-tor… I shall… get… rev-enge... On… you…

Sindious glows and disappears, while the Doctor angrily threatens the Guards and soldiers, and then blasts the psychograph projector and it fades out, he then blasts a few of the Empires negotiators, and a battle commander, the he ties the Ozark Rebels in a rope and binds it with his sonic screwdriver, he quickly then pushes them in an escape pod, and ejected them. Then a few blasts at the controls and he pulls a lever, he orders all the turrets to attack all escaping spaceships, and all space ships to attack the turrets, Then Martha revives

DOCTOR: That should do it; the people are mutinying against each over. Can’t wait till I meet him again, The Stupid Davros Avenger, he really should meet a real slice of revenge

MARTHA: Doctor, you killed him…

DOCTOR: He teleported out the second I could and would have! He’d deserve it!

MARTHA: was that a Sontaran?

DOCTOR: no they are usually grayish; it was the Commander of the Ozark Rebel,

MARTHA: The Armor was so Judoon like, and those guns, and that helmet was like that Sontaran we met on Rybis 9.

DOCTOR: Some Evolution processes are similar, Judoon was like half human half Rhinos, don’t know bout old potato head from Rybis, those Ozarks must have been from Sontar’s Twin planet Oxar,

Climbs into Tardis, and Martha Follows

Scene 12, Tardis

DOCTOR: where now?

MARTHA: I dunno? Aztecs?

DOCTOR: Good choice the Aztecs had one of the best U.F.O landings ever.

Scene 13, Alien Planet,

A blue glow and Sindious appears, he looks up at the burning sun, he spaceship is burning, he shoots at the ship, but the blasts fade in the atmosphere he then sees a space center where he was trying to invade,

SINDIOUS: Doctor, I’ll be back, and more powerful than ever

He crawls into the space center, and we zoom around the planet, hairy elephant rhino like animals fighting, and we zoom into a space center, and see armies training and Sindious healing, then we zoom through some doors and hear some robotic laughter, we can only see a control pad and a shriveled finger

VOICE: Doc-Tor! I Shall Get Rev-Enge, and Sindious will be happy to find out I Sur-vived!! (More robotic laughter)

We hear the Door Swing open and we zoom out, avoiding the Figure then we see Sindious walk in and then he smiles and laughs!

SINDIOUS: Master! We Shall earn revenge together!

VOICE: maybe not together…

We zoom down the lift where Sindious enters and here a scream!
Next Time: Robots in Aztec and the Doctor’s up for a sacrifice...

End Credits and trailer. Trailer shows Doctor being chased by a tribe, robots

who is that hidden man at the end, and what has happened to Sindious?... post rumours down v there

Monday, 15 October 2007

Series Six scripts seasonal special extract

here is the series six (by me and hitbob) extract:

She slams the blue button, the Tardis activates and the Trooper who is inside the Tardis gets pulled out, Martha holds onto the console, and slams a Switch, a emergency door slides down. Then the Doctor appears as a Hologram, like from POTW and Blink.

DOCTOR: This is Emergency Protocol 113.8 Secta. This is activated whenever I get teleported from the Tardis by an Mistrom dete ray teleportor. I have 5 days to live. Please Buy me a I miss you card from Gallifrey and a Happy 1027th Birthday Card with an Emergency Teleport beta on it. Send it to, Well Don’t Bother, just …

The image fades and Martha runs to the Doors

MARTHA: Take me back! Take me back!

and here is what simon will work up to:

DOCTOR: where now Martha?

MARTHA: I dunno...

an explosion of purple light floods the room, Martha collapses and the Tardis I sBurnt up in Flame.

only 4 days 2 go.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Slitheen Data File

The Slitheen are a family of the Raxicoricofallapitiorian Race, they are Calcium Based Lifeforms and are often trying to invade earth and other planets to make money. Slitheen Often disquise under a human skin suit but this makes ecsess gasses and are born from eggs. They are good a landing and then turning that into fake crash that happens a year later and putting robopigs in the ship to fake aliens. There names are like blon fel-fotch passa-meer day slitheen and are seperated from the Rathreen and Kroteen Familys. and raxicoricofallapitorious has a twin planet, Clom. Clom and Raxicoricofallapitorious are like The Sontaran Empire and The Rutan Host / Sontar and Ruta 3. Their Main Weaknesses are Vinegar, Chips and Deodrants. Its a Coincidence that Park Vale (ROTS) which they invade was built on remains on deffry vale (School renunion) which is higly assiosiated with chips.

Slitheen Files Competion

Ive Posted this so you can see the rules of my new comp, HERE:
Competion Rules and Entries
Email me with a fan theory story about what happened to the Child of the Slitheen and possibly some fan art of where it went, and maybe whether it met with the other survivors. Also give your research on the slitheen and what it is most likely to have done so:1. Imaginitive2.Image3.Info4.Research and most likelydo any/some/all of the above. the prizes are wallpapers, animated for top 3, and this ends end of october. i will put the entrys down There v. Good look. and raxicoricofallapitorious for spelling references. raxicoricofallapitorian is another. hitbob ferf glutch passader grey-krota slitheen out.
heres the email: rowicl@hotmail.com, and send as a word doc or write it in email. so you have till end of watever happened to sarah jane part 1 to send it. good look.

From the sidebar, so enjoy, luk sidebar if u nedd this

Saturday, 6 October 2007

The Baby Slitheens Quik Sums (ROTS Review)

Nice, Must have been the Child Slitheens first hunt by the sounds of it, You can kinda feel sorry 4 him! he must be in the finale, and repossesing that 'lost boy' of the title. and that woman from the other school blew up, and it was pink! the rest of them only blew up green, so are female slitheen pink? Weird, so you have to IMAGINE, and lets do a competion, the most imaginitive story wins (Just email me: rowicl@hotmail.com) and the best three all get a eclusive moving Gorgon backgorund, and the others get a still slitheen. ok. and the best two get posted. Cya

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Sorry to all Tardis and Torchwood Treaures Fans

I UnderStand there's been certain events/Incidents going on at Tardis and Torchwood treaures and i have Offended Capt. Jack and Dave Took it Seriously thinking i meant him two and Left them so I am Sorry about this to Mark Owner of Tatt and Forum. please tell him about this Post. Au Revior