Sunday, 7 October 2007

Slitheen Files Competion

Ive Posted this so you can see the rules of my new comp, HERE:
Competion Rules and Entries
Email me with a fan theory story about what happened to the Child of the Slitheen and possibly some fan art of where it went, and maybe whether it met with the other survivors. Also give your research on the slitheen and what it is most likely to have done so:1. Imaginitive2.Image3.Info4.Research and most likelydo any/some/all of the above. the prizes are wallpapers, animated for top 3, and this ends end of october. i will put the entrys down There v. Good look. and raxicoricofallapitorious for spelling references. raxicoricofallapitorian is another. hitbob ferf glutch passader grey-krota slitheen out.
heres the email:, and send as a word doc or write it in email. so you have till end of watever happened to sarah jane part 1 to send it. good look.

From the sidebar, so enjoy, luk sidebar if u nedd this

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