Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Classic Doctor Toys Information

Character Options have revealed the first range of new classic Doctor Who figures. The first wave will be composed of four single figures, and two twin packs. At the moment, there is no present release date, and the list may be modified or changed, but the first wave is said to include:

The Fourth Doctor in his Red velvet jacket from the story Revenge of the Cybermen. This figure will include two interchangeable heads - one with the hat, one without.

The Fifth Doctor with short hair as seen in the story Resurrection of the Daleks.

The Sixth Doctor in his patchwork frock coat with short hair as seen in Attack of the Cybermen.

A Sea Devil complete with string vest.

A Zygon with the Skarassen control device.

Voc Robots from The Robots of Death. This twin pack will include SV-7 (Super Voc) and D-84 (Dum Class).

Magnus Greel and Mr Sin from Talons of Weng Chiang will be the second twin pack.

Many thanks to Outpost Gallifrey for this information.

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